About Us

Beech Grove School is part of the Bruderhof Schools, a network of Christian independent schools founded by the Bruderhof, an international Christian church community movement. Our Schools, which are an integral part of our communities, aspire to educate the whole child. Rigorous academic instruction in a broad range of subjects is complemented by training in craftsmanship and practical skills, singing and the arts, unstructured play and sportsmanship, and the experience of nature.

Through their studies, students learn to take an interest in history and concern themselves with the social, political, and cultural movements of our time. We emphasize respect, self-discipline, and a strong work ethic.

Our approach to academics is focused on the basic skills and knowledge that will enable our students to prosper in whatever path of life they undertake. Our Kindergarten is influenced by the writings of German educator Friedrich Fröbel who emphasizes the importance of learning through play.

Students in the higher grades  focus on the core subjects of language arts, history, maths and science. The Beech Grove School has two divisions: the School serves the Kindergarten through 8th grades, while the Academy, set within a magnificent listed building, serves the 9th through 12th grades.

We aspire to educate the
whole child.

Proprietor Information:

Church Communities UK is the proprietor of the School, including the boarding house.

01580 883334




01304 842 980


Head Teacher Information:

Timothy Maas


Beech Grove Academy is accredited by Cognia and is a member of the Boarding School Association

BSA Covid Safe Charter (PDF Download)